CataRT Instrument


CataRT as an Instrument

This page collects the links to sound and video examples demonstrating CataRT as an expressive performance instrument.

Since CataRT must be seen as a whole family of possible instruments, around the core concept of the timbral sound space that is played by navigation, the actual instrument is determined by the controller that steers the navigation, and the following list of examples is thus organised by controller type in the table rows.

CataRT is a modular system for real-time interactive corpus-based concatenative synthesis, and comes as a collection of patches for Max/MSP (full version or the free runtime) on Mac or Windows with the FTM extensions installed (see the installation instructions)

There is also a standalone application for Mac computers, distributed via the Ircam Forum.

Controller Audio Video

Two pieces by Bruno Ruviaro:


coming soon

Graphics Tablet
XY Pad

CataRT played on Stantum SMK multitouch prototype

These videos are from an article in the Musimédiane online journal

Motion Capture
Piezo Microphone
Audio Control

coming soon

Computer Keyboard
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