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This list is inevitably incomplete, so please let us know of any music produced with the help of CataRT!

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Fine Sound Art by Diemo Schwarz

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theconcatenator at the multi-media art centre Le Cube 7.12.2008

Contemporary Music

  • John Tilbury, S.A.N.S. pour orchestre et electronique, festival Météo 2017.
  • Benjamin Carey, Lichens (2017) for improvising saxophonist and audio-visual performance system: "The sound relies heavily on audio analysis and generation using CataRT (plus fixed media)".
  • Christopher Trapani, Spinning in Infinity for orchestra and pitch-precise CataRT, premiered at Présences 2015.
  • Stephen O'Malley, Gruidés pour orchestre et electronique, 2014.
  • Christopher Trapani, Five Out of Six for Ensemble Musiques Interactives --- precise microtonal transposition (cf. ICMC 2012). ICMC 2014 Best Piece Award (Americas)
  • Christopher Trapani, Widening Circles for shô, sheng, bass clarinet, accordion, harp, zheng, qanûn, santur and live electronics [Experimentalstudio SWR] (2012) Premiered by the Atlas Ensemble, August 31, 2012 in Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, also performed February 11, 2013 at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland
  • Christopher Trapani, Waterlines for voice and 8 instruments (2012) Premiered by Talea Ensemble, December 14, 2012 in New York City
  • Aaron Einbond, Without Words for Ensemble Dal Niente --- audio mosaicing, precise transposition
  • Victoria Johnson and Alexander R. Jensenius, Transformation (2009-2011) for electric violin, video tracking, and CataRT --- Transformation is an improvisation piece for electric violin and live electronics. It is based on the idea of letting the performer control a large collection of sound fragments while moving around on stage.
  • ManiFeste (ex Agora) Festival 2012, Ircam--Centre Pompidou:
    • Édith Canat de Chizy, Over the sea, 11.6.2012 --- fixed part with clouds of sound by Greg Beller
    • Maurilio Cacciatore, Tamonontamo, 16.6.2012 --- composed navigation though environmental sounds recorded by schoolchildren by Augustin Muller, layout of the spatial projection using Ianis Lallemand's Unispring algorithm
    • Nicolas Mondon, Pianola/Phonographe II (grains, grès), 21.6.2012 --- live orchestration of composed phrase by a corpus of prepared piano sounds
  • Ursula Kwong-Brown, Coming Attractions for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and electronics, 13.12.2009. Sound processing done in CataRT with the assistance of Aaron Einbond.
  • Richard Scott, Spit Tube Landscape and Fucking Progress both use CataRT a lot as the main processing tool. Richard also uses CataRT for live performing and free improvisation, an example is here.
  • Sébastien Gaxie, Le bonheur musique pour le film d'Alexandre Medvedkine (URSS, 1934), 16.6.2010, Paris, Musée du Louvre, auditorium, festival Agora.
  • Bruno Ruviaro, Intellectual Improperty 0.6 Using a custom interface for CataRT called Catork. Premiered by the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) on April 29, 2010 (chamber version with six laptops), and June 2, 2010 (full ensemble version).
  • Emmanuelle Gibello, Boucle #1 of the series Je suis l'écho de l'ombre d'une ombre (videos), piece for two computers, 7 control interfaces, sound files and CataRT, interpreted by Diemo Schwarz, 4.3.2010 at La société de curiosités.
  • Aaron Einbond, Passagework, performed by the Yarn/Wire ensemble at Greenwich Music House, New York 18.2.2010 --- The performers are in fact playing a micro-montage of their own improvisation.
  • Violinist Victoria Johnson and Alexander Refsum Jensenius Ongoing work on controlling CataRT by video analysis and putting live-recorded sound in space.
  • Hector Parra, I have come like a butterfly into the hall of human life, World Premiere at Kings Place, 2.10.2009 --- micro-montage of heavily transformed environmental percussive sounds to obtain composed sonic gestures
  • Aaron Einbond, What the Blind See for small ensemble and electronics, Cursus 2 concert at Agora 2009, Ircam --- real time control of CataRT from audio analysis and corpus-based transcription
  • Cléo Palacio-Quintin, Protée, ou les quatre virus en plastique mou, for hyper-flute, viole de gambe, and electronics, on a text by the poet Bertrand Laverdure --- using CataRT for sound design on the poem. An extract of the piece is within the video from the Festival Métropolis Bleu Veuillez signaler un poème, Espace Dell Arte, Montréal, April 23, 2009.
  • Bruno Ruviaro, Cleaner, electroacoustic sounds, premiered at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), May 28, 2009, available for download --- Cleaner was composed out of hundreds of short audio samples extracted from existing music by other composers. Recognizability of such fragments is unlikely to occur, and probably unnecessary.
  • Bruno Ruviaro, Study on Japanese Themes, electroacoustic sounds, premiered at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), November 20, 2008, available for download --- This concatenative synthesis study is based on tiny fragments borrowed from Japanese composers Ryoji Ikeda and Keiichiro Shibuya. Its composition was prompted by a combination of three things, present or absent: Paris’ autumn, California’s sun, and Tokyo’s fish market.
  • Roque Rivas Mutations of Matter, 2008 --- micro-montage of large sound banks, precisely controlled by composed rhythms
  • Aaron Einbond, Beside Oneself for viola and electronics, Cursus 1 2007–2008, Ircam --- real time control of CataRT from audio analysis of the viola. See this video presentation of Aaron's work and of other composers of the cursus that year.
  • Paola Calderone, Cursus 1 2007-2008, Ircam
  • Roque Rivas, Conical Intersect for fagott and electronics, amongst which CataRT. premiere 6.10.2007; reprise 13.06.2008, Ircam
  • David Coll, cursus 1 piece for soprano, petites percussions and electronics, 06.10.2007 Ircam
  • Dai Fujikura new piece swarming essence for Agora 2007 (Ircam), Paris, 9.6.2007
  • Stephano Gervasoni new piece Whisper Not for Monaco, and Agora 2007 (Ircam), Paris, 14.6.2007
  • Luis Naon Caprices wallowing in a mass of sounds generated by Modalys, Agora 2007 (Ircam)
  • Hector Parra, opera Hypermusic Prologue and pieces for Agora 2007 (Ircam)
  • Hans Tutschku new piece Distance liquide created at Akousma (INA-GRM), 13.01.2007
  • Sam Britton Junkspace for banjo and electronics, performed at Ircam 14.10.2006

Modern Music

Installations and Performances

  • Inner Space v2.0 light and space installation by Christian Delécluse, with a live soundscape entirely composed in CataRT based on the sounds of the servo motors. See the project blog. On show 24.–25.1.2013, Le Cube.
  • DIRTI — Dirty Tangible Interfaces prototype by User Studio, sound by CataRT
  • GPS Mapping to CataRT, Ben Carey --- A short test of some mapping strategies between GPS data and CataRT, here on a recorded 10km bike ride in Sydney.
  • Sonic Shuffle, a conducted graphic score based on a specially designed cards deck for an ensemble of laptop computer or other portable electronic/digital equipment by Domenico Sciajno, played by the Laptop Mini Orchestra (Andrea Arcella, Andrea Valle, Dario Sanfilippo, Franz Rosati, Federico Placidi, Matteo Milani, Cat Hope) at Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino 8.10.2010 --- Laptop players perform the graphic score that is on a special deck of cards specially designed. The cards are distributed to each interpreter before execution. The conductor checks in real-time aspects of the score and regulates the distribution of the sonic events developed by the interpreters.
  • Stitch n’Glitch Performance for four sowing machines and CataRT, Cécile Babiole and the Black Needles, 27.8.2010, ancienne Filature DMC Mulhouse, festival Météo.
  • Grainstick collaborative interactive experience featuring music by Pierre Jodlowski, Agora Festival, Ircam, 16.-19.6.2009
  • Xe-Rocks installation and performance by video and sound artist Cécile Babiole, 27.6. - 29.8.2009, Espace Multimedia Gantner, Belfort
  • Installation sound scape Trowel and Seal by Diemo Schwarz for the Naughton Gallery at Queen's University Belfast's silver collection. The Silver Sounds exhibition won the Times Higher Education Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts 2008.
  • ENIGMES project (installation Plume) --- presented 7.11.2006 at Le Cube, Issy-Les Moulineaux, Paris and at IHM 2007
  • Miguel Angel Ortiz Pérez (SARC Belfast) uses biofeedback from muscular tension sensors to control CataRT. See this video of a bio-concert. Also presented at ICMC 2007
  • Matthew Burtner at WaveFarm, NY, 29.7.2006
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