FluidSynth for Max/MSP


The FluidSynth SoundFont synthesizer is written by Peter Hanappe, Josh Green et al. and freely distributed under the Lesser GNU Public Licence (LGPL).

Please refer to http://www.fluidsynth.org/ for further information about the FluidSynth project and SoundFonts.

The Max/MSP external fluidsynth~ is completely based on the code of FluidSynth and developed by Norbert Schnell (which was thanks to the fluid, complete and well organized API provided for FluidSynth really not a big deal) with the helpful advice of Roland Cahen.


fluidsynth~ 01/2007 (13) for Mac OS X (UB) and Windows


The fluidsynth~ external is as free and LGPL as FluidSynth. You can find the sources as part of the FluidSynth Savannah project.

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