GDIF SpatDIF Meeting


Date: From Thursday May 20th to Friday May 21st

Place: IRCAM - Centre Pompidou



Working group meeting for registered participants (contact: Baptiste Caramiaux).

The goal of this meeting is to advance on the GDIF-Gesture Description Interchange Format and SpatDIF-Spatial sound Description Interchange Format. Precisely, we will discuss current issues and choices made by the different research groups working with gesture or spatialization data, and decide on further collaborative actions.

Practical Info

From Thursday May 20th to Friday May 21st

At IRCAM - Centre Pompidou

1, place Igor Stravinsky

75004 Paris, FRANCE

More info : +33 (0) 1 44 78 48 84

Agrandir le plan


(alphabetical order)

  • Pascal Baltazar (GMEA - Groupe de Musique Électroacoustique d’Albi-Tarn)
  • Frédéric Bevilacqua (IRCAM)
  • Jean Bresson (IRCAM)
  • Gaspard Bucher (
  • Baptiste Caramiaux (IRCAM)
  • Thibaut Carpentier (IRCAM)
  • Marc Codron (Researcher - Composer)
  • Zachary De Santos (Artist/Design)
  • Sarah Fdili Alaoui (LIMSI - IRCAM)
  • Alexander R. Jensenius (UIO - University of Oslo)
  • Trond Lossius (BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts)
  • Markus Noisternig (IRCAM)
  • Kristian Nymoen (UIO - University of Oslo)
  • Peter Plessas (IEM - Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Graz)
  • Julien Rabin (University of Rennes 2 / MIAC Lab)
  • Jan Schacher (Zurich University of the Arts)
  • Andy W. Schmeder (University of Berkeley)
  • Norbert Schnell (IRCAM)
  • Marlon Schumacher (McGill Univeristy)
  • Diemo Schwarz (IRCAM)
  • Ståle Andreas Skogstad (UIO - University of Oslo)
  • Arve Voldsund (UIO - University of Oslo)
  • Olivier Warusfel (IRCAM)
  • Bruno Zamborlin (IRCAM)

Meeting Program

video stream at

Thursday, May 20th

Afternoon Session

(Salle Stravinsky)


Friday, May 21st

(Studio 5)

Morning Session


Afternoon Session

  • 14:00 – Discussion
    • GDIF/SpatDIF: One or Two Projects?
    • Milestones: Future Projects ? Conferences?

Evening Music Program (Suggestions)

  • 20:00 – Electroacoustic music concert (organised by LISTEN), in the presence of the composers, St. Merri Church (next to IRCAM), 10/7 EUR
    • Éliane Radigue PSI 847 (1973)
    • Lionel Marchetti Natura Morta (2005-2008)
  • 19:30 – Parcours sonore et arts plastiques / Création, Séverine Ballon (cello), Galerie Univer, Entrée libre sur réservation
    • David Hudry, Verwandlung II, Création mondiale (15’)
    • Helmut Lachenmann, Pression (1969, 15’)
    • Jean-François Laporte, Poussières Création mondiale (12 - 15’)
    • Liza Lim, Invisibility (2009), Création française (13’)




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complete list of publications :

  • Peters, N., Ferguson, S., & McAdams, S. (2007): Towards a Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format (SpatDIF). Canadian Acoustics, 35(3).
  • Peters N., Lossius T., Schacher J., Baltazar P., Bascou C. & Place T. (2009): A stratified approach for sound spatialization. Proceedings of The 6th Sound and Music Computing Conference, 23-25 July 2009, Porto.
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