The MuBu multi-buffer is a multi-track container for sound description and motion capture data. We are currently developing a set of Max/MSP externals for content based real-time interactive audio processing around the MuBu container.

MuBu screenshot
The MuBu graphical module (imubu) displaying a drum loop waveform and Bark coefficients averaged over a segmentation imported from AudioSculpt using SDIF


A set of Max/MSP externals has been freely released at the IRCAM Forum.

Please visit the MuBu Forum page and discussion group.


  • MuBu project presentation, IRCAM, October 2010. (PDF)
  • N. Schnell, A. Röbel, D. Schwarz, G. Peeters, R. Borghesi, MuBu & Friends - Assembling Tools for Content Based Real-Time Interactive Audio Processing in Max/MSP. International Computer Music Conference (ICMC). Montreal, August 2009. (PDF)
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