Sarah Fdili Alaoui


PhD in Computer Science

Lecturer (ATER) in Computer Science at:
POLYTECH’ PARIS SUD engineering school of University Paris Sud
Ircam, Team Real-Time Musical Interactions and
LIMSI-CNRS, Team Architecture et Modèles pour l'Interaction

1, place Igor Stravinsky
75004 Paris - FRANCE

Email : sarah [dot] fdili [dot] alaoui [at] ircam [dot] fr

PhD Abstract

My phd studied gesture in the context of Human-Computer interaction. It aimed at creating new interaction paradigms that offer the user further expressive possibilities based on gestures. The theorists and practitioners of dance call "movement qualities” (MQ), a notion that conveys expressive content describing the way a gesture is performed. This notion has been rarely taken into consideration in the field of HCI. My work drew on collaborations with the field of dance to explore the notion of movement qualities and to integrate it as an interaction modality.

The contributions of my phd are in the formalism of the notion of movement qualities and evaluation of its integration as interaction modality in terms of user experience. I also provide computational tools for considering MQ in interactive systems in terms of analysis, visual representation and gesture control methods. On the visual representational level, my work have demonstrated that physical models based on masses and springs systems offer great opportunities for simulating dynamics related to MQs and for real-time gesture control. On the analysis level, I developed innovative approaches to automatic real time recognition of movement qualities. Finally, I implemented of a set of interaction techniques based on movement qualities that we applied and evaluated in the context of dance pedagogy and performance.


My PH-D Work Website : Sarah FDILI ALAOUI

My blog : blog

VIDA - Art-Science group at LIMSI VIDA

My music Band : Caross Erratic

The dance compagny I improvise with : Chavirage

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